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Why did this have to happen to him?
'I told you to buy an umbrella, you dobe' Sasuke held his umbrella above Naruto's head again. (Naruto had already returned the umbrella to Sasuke)
'I DID!' Naruto yelled and kicked against a plastic bottle that was lying on the street.
'I don't see one.' Sasuke smirked as he looked at the drenched Naruto.
'That's because…' Naruto didn't want to tell him he tried to jump of his house with his umbrella in the hope he would float down, like all the characters on TV do.
'The wind blew it away…' Naruto began walking faster and Sasuke had to fasten his pace to keep the umbrella above the other boy. Sasuke chuckled. 'That's why I saw you jumping of the roof of your house?' Naruto suddenly stopped walking and Sasuke bumped against his back.
'Look out, will you?' Sasuke said while rubbing his nose which had bumped against Naruto's back.
'How do you know where I live?' Naruto slowly turned around.
'Because I saw you jumping off your roof with an umbrella, idiot…' Sasuke fell silent as he saw Naruto's expression, his eyes flashed red and he looked at him with a dead glare.
This was almost the look my brother places on his face when he has murder intentions..
'Do not tell anyone where I live, or you'll regret it.' Sasuke could only nod, was this the goofy idiot he was tutoring? It couldn't be… Maybe he has a split personality?
'Okay! Let's go then! We have P.E. today!' Naruto was completely back to his old self again.
Sasuke walked after Naruto to school while being kind of absent.

The boys were changing clothes for P.E.  while Naruto threw a shoe against Shikimaru's head.
'Yo, wake up, lazy asshole.' Naruto grinned while looking at Shikimaru, which was giving him the death glare.
'You're being weird today Naruto, what's up?'  Kiba looked worried.
'I don't know what you're talking about.' Naruto's face went slightly blank.
Then Sasuke caught Naruto his eye, Sasuke was searching for something in his bag with only his boxers on. (Yeah, sexy, I know right 8D)
Naruto blushed and wanted to look away, but then his eye fell on the scars he had. The biggest one was on his back, the stroke began at his right shoulder and ended on the left side of his waist.
For the rest little scars were placed on his chest and legs.
It was horrible to see, what happened to that guy?
'We're going to begin!' The teacher screamed and everyone walked outside, the only ones left were Naruto and Sasuke.
'You searching for something?' Naruto walked over to Sasuke and tried to not look at his scars.
'Yeah… My medicine, it's gone.' Naruto flinched.
'Are you sick!?' Naruto stepped closer to Sasuke, he blushed and looked in the worried eyes.
'Something like that…' Sasuke began walking across the room looking underneath the benches.
Naruto started looking too, and noticed something.
'Hey Sasuke! We have the same bag!' Naruto held up his bag and grinned.
'Hey, maybe my medicine ended up in yours!' Sasuke walked over to Naruto and he looked in Naruto's bag. 'Hey! You can't just sniff through my stuff! Here, let me look for you!' Naruto grabbed the bag away from Sasuke and looked inside.
'Ah, so here was my candy!' Naruto grabbed a little box with Tic-Tac's and took one.
Naruto didn't really get what he said, was it as hot in here before? And why is the room spinning?
'NARUTO!? Hey! Answer me! HEY!' I felt Sasuke shake my arm, why did I get so little air? Shit, I can't breathe!
'Idiot! Wake up!' Sasuke stopped his movements for a moment and took a deep breath.
'Naruto, wake up..' I felt Sasuke's breath against my lips and my mind went even more blank then it already was.
Sasuke took another deep breath and pressed his lips on mine, I felt him breath into me.
Again and again, but I was gliding away into the darkness while feeling Sasuke's lips on mine..
I'm already so far away…
'NARUTO! NO!' I heard Sasuke ran away and tried to stretch my arm.
Please don't leave me…
Not you too…
Okay, Naruto is really an idiot confusing Tic-Tac with medicine... BUT THAT'S WHY WE LOVE HIM! 8D

I apoligize fro the shortness of this part... I'm not feeling to well and i just wanted to make a cliffhanger just to annoy you guys :evillaugh:

Maybe part four will be up today as well, as an apoligy... But i'm not sure.. SO YOU HAVE TO WAIT~ Haha, how i love torturing people like this :evillaugh:
Okay sorry, i'll shut up XD

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